Because we can

A hop, skip and jump.
Leaping, running, climbing trees.
Laughter amongst adult friends
at outdoor antics usually reserved for unshackled children.
Play, just because.

Sitting idly on gracious grass
watching birds flit through trees.
Sun on skin
while the 9-5 workday drones on elsewhere.
Rest, just because.

Hands crafting a thing of beauty for the home
Voices joined in joyful song around a fire.
Bodies moving in graceful step to the music of a busker.
Pleasure and expression in the moment.
Creativity, just because.

Forget the do list,
the need to be good, to be productive, to be perfect,
to be anything, but you.
In this moment, place and time
a confluence never to be repeated
just be, because you can.

1 Comment

  1. Beautiful as always I will take your advice and be creative with the rest of this hot day just because I can. I’ve already done some sewing but more coming

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