Notice the sounds around –
a hasty car,
the gurgling fridge,
that particular somnolent silence of evening time.
Turn inward and suddenly your breath
fills the silence
a rising and falling wave
on the ocean of air.
The unseen force
that keeps us all alive.

Cease to breathe and we cease to live.
All that walk, leap, slither and fly,
even those sedentary folk
with feet thrust deep into soil
and arms reaching for the sun.
We all breathe this unseen ocean.

in and out
in and out
on and on

The unknown number of breaths
that make up this mortal life.
Always there, every moment
waiting for us to notice.

Tune in, let the wave take you
to a place of peace,
to a place of bliss
beyond frenzied, fragmented thoughts
into presence and deep knowing.

in and out
in and out
on and on

The ocean that connects us all
in this life ongoing.

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