Garden richness

I love spending time relaxing in my garden feeling the earth beneath my bare feet and open skies above me.  Having a meal or reading a book I will often pause to watch the clouds turn blue skies into shifting artworks, or follow flight paths of birds momentarily feeling lifted up on their wings. Most days I try to get outside at sunset to see the shifting colours and feel the onset of night and how things seem to slow and unwind somehow. It’s delightful too, when I catch a glimpse of some of the other creatures that also take refuge in this more-than-human space.

The garden is not big, just a courtyard garden of an unit, and I often feel constrained in what I would like to grow versus what the space and availability of sun allows. Still over the past three years I have been pleasantly surprised by the diversity of creatures I have spotted.

I put it down to what I call my “wild landscaping” which is really a simple case of not using any pesticides and not unnecessarily tidying up. After all why make a garden into another chore to be kept looking like photoshoot? Leaving sticks, leaves etc creates homes for insects and having a variety and different layers of plants gives a range of creatures food and shelter and makes the garden more interesting for the human eye. All of which leaves me more time to sit and delight in my garden space and the other-than-human inhabitants that occasionally reveal themselves to me. What creatures do you share your land with? Perhaps with all this extra time at home we will all discover new neighbours.


  1. I enjoyed this very much indeed, Dinali. The photographs reminded me of how I’ve forgotten to look closely in the garden, and I’m very impressed with your knowledge!

    I’ve potted 2 broad bean seeds. As soon as they emerge I’ll bring them around – or perhaps (weather permitting) we can meet in a park.

    Anne x

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