Below are a list of the some the people, writings and documentaries that have had a significant influence on me:

People & books

  • Bayo Akomalafe’s  poetic and philosophical exploration of the world, our place in it and all that matters pushes us to re-imagine a just world.
  • Samuel Alexander’s work on voluntary simplicity provides hopeful ideas on how we can live a rich an meaningful life within the limits of this Earth. Books  Prosperous Descent: Crisis as an opportunity in the age of limits provides an well reasoned case for embracing the Simplicity movement. While the fictional Entropia: life beyond industrial civilisation paints an engaging picture of the simpler life. Also see his Simplicity Collective website.
  • Charles Eisenstein’s exploration of humanities disconnect from the world around us, both its beauty and its limits, and the implications of this in The Ascent of Humanity  is long but an important piece of work. While The More Beautiful World Our Heart Knows is Possible gives hope of a better more beautiful future.
  • Naomi Klein’s investigative journalism shines a thorough light on the horrific social impacts of the capitalist economic system in The Shock Doctrine and No Logo.
  • Manfred Max-Neef’s Fundamental Human Needs & Human-scale Development provides a good framework to assess  human needs and how to meet these.
  • Daniel Quinn’s books, particularly Ishmael, explores the unconscious mythologies that underpin modern civilisation and challenges the reader to re-assess everything we take for granted and normal .
  • The writings of Paul Kingsnorth and other Dark Mountineers who seek to envision a radically different, uncivilised world through writing and art.
  • Vandana Shiva’s work promoting biodiversity, food sovereignty, organic farming and the rejuvenation of indigenous knowledge and culture through the  Navdanya  network of seed keepers, organic producers and learning centre in India, plus numerous books and tireless campaigns .
  • Wangari Maathai’s Green Belt Movement in Kenya.
  • Satish Kumar’s book You are Therefore I am: A Declaration of Dependence explores the importance of human connections to each other and the rest of the world.
  • Spiritual Ecology features numerous thinkers and spiritual leaders including Wendell Berry, Thich Nhat Hanh, Joanna Macy and Vandana Shiva, articulating beautifully why we need to have some form of the sacredness and spirituality in our life.


  • Emergence Magazine provides in depth explorations of life with focus on voices and stories that are overlooked in mainstream.
  • Resurgence Magazine provides great articles on environmentalism, activism, philosophy, art and ethical living.
  • Kosmos Magazine offers a platform a diverse range of voices on philosophy, activism and creating a better world.
  • New Internationalist shines a much needed independent light on issues of global justice.


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