Meandering on the Margins

I’m excited to have self-published my first book ‘Meandering on the Margins‘. This is something that I’ve been working on for a nearly two years now, in fits and starts. Often putting it away and then coming back to as the motivation and belief in it came and went.

There is something wonderful about having a well crafted physical book that enhances the written word. Or there is for me. I am so glad that somehow I saw this project to fruition. I am also deeply grateful to the many people who have contributed to making this book a reality. A book gets to have an author proudly displayed on the title, but its is also the village of people behind the scenes that enable a book to be born.

It was a friend who suggested, when I was visiting her end of 2019 for our annual retreat from Christmas, that I write a book. Even though I’ve been sharing my writing in this space for many years I still did not see myself as a ‘proper’ writer. So if it wasn’t for this friend I might well have never began on the journey. Along the way I’ve been fortunate to have many people offer timely assistance with reading drafts, editing and proofreading and lots of encouragement which ultimately kept me going. And then there are the writing workshops, conversations, other people’s writings and performances which inspired my own writing. The beauty of art is that it inspires more art, creativity generating more creativity just like the ever evolving diversity of life on this Earth.

This experience has shown me how life presents opportunities which, if we are able to see and accept, can help turn hopes and good intentions into something more tangible and so wonderful. A truly humbling experience.

Do you have instances where you were able to achieve something through the unexpected help of others? Please share in the comments or contact me with your stories. It is only through each other that we can thrive and sharing personal stories can help remind us of this. We do not, and cannot, do it all on our own! Just consider the bacteria in our gut busily helping us digest the food we eat.


  1. Dear Dinali I’ve just listened to your interview with Nicky Page on radio Adelaide via Facebook. I so loved your poetry and must get a copy of Meandering on the Margins. Thank you for you powerful readings which I found so moving !
    Where can I buy a copy?

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