No more words

It’s all been said and repeated
so many times that
triteness is all that is left
in this resounding now-ness
that is all there ever is.
One messy incomplete moment filled
with echoes of past mistakes and
aching hopes of better futures.
These regrets, dreams and the distracted present presence
that forms our human lives.
Why do I turn away from the multitude of sensorial stimuli
that entangles my waking life?
Bury my senses in the two dimensional screen,
when a glorious three dimensional world waltzes all around.
Endlessly roam the devilish maze of my mind,
time travelling from past to future and back again
in a blink of an eye.
Never stopping in the present long enough to inhabit
the gift of an embodied life.
Yes, there is only now
            … and the minds foolish games.

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