To Not Know

To Not Know
What if there are no absolute answers?
Only questions to contemplate and
intuitions to heed, while
taking every chance to
bask in the sun like a sleepy lizard,
turn clouds into familiar shapes
lying cradled by the ground.
Spin stories, sing songs and
dance to the beat of the drum
with the abandon of a child
who knows not the censure of the
inhibited adulthood that the
modern world presses upon us.
I feel I have
joined the falling people,
slipped through the cracks of modernity
and long to rest easy in not knowing
what will happen.
I see how surety imprisons.
Now is the time to release these shackles
compost the deadening certainties of this age
and send tender shoots into what is beyond.
Journey through tumultuous dark nights
with the twinkling stars
– abode of the ancestors,
and the ever-changing moon
to guide and inspire.
Journey on through the long, lonely days
energised by the sun’s brilliance
– that which feeds all life on Earth.
Let humble doubt illuminate the path.
Can we really know the cosmic ways?
Sit awhile with our Earth.
Heed the Wind’s wily whispering.
Learn the stoic strength of a Mountain.
Develop the deep rooted resilience of a Tree.
Delight in the questions that blossom
when we leave space for creation to enter.
Rush not into answers.
Dance instead.
Dance, child, with wild abandon.
Modernity is loosing its consumptive hold
and in this liminal space
of a crumbling empire
the scariest thing is asked of us awakening ones.
To live fully, as best we can.
To nurture our gifts, so the fruit
nourishes others.
Live so well that when unavoidable death
comes to us and our loved ones,
it is but another step
in our wild, merry dance.
Creation reaching out and then folding
back into itself.
Defying answers and rationale.
For what fixed facts can there be in
a world-in-the-becoming?

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