Ways of the World

cropped-imgp6489-e1462020368222.jpgWhat can I say about the ways of the world?
This spherical spaceship of ours.
In reality more water than land
like our own bodies.
70% water we are.
It fills our cells, flows through our blood vessels
and falls as tears.

So what of this Earth, with its skin a
jig saw of slow moving tectonic plates
that are configured and reconfigured over eons.
The unhurried hand of creation
remaking the planet’s features
on a timescale beyond human comprehension.

Plates drift apart here
and then shudder together over there
causing sparks to fly like
the meeting of estranged family members
The solidity of the ground beneath our feet
is an illusion.
There is always movement.
There is always change.

What then can I say about the ways of the world?
Let me tell you instead of my little patch
with its once grassy plains
nestled amidst rolling hills that
confound my sense of direction.
Rivers run down through the plains to
the ocean where great whales visit to birth their young.
But this is a place of dryness too.
Creeks are often only meandering tracks
foretelling how rains are received by the land.
Summers can scorch and test life’s endurance
Winters are mild, the time of rain and growth.

Tell me, what is your world like?
I have been to lands of snow and fire,
was birthed in an island
of verdant jungles and sandy beaches,
have visited this island continent’s red centre,
so far from any ocean
that it left this coastal gal
longing for the smell of salty sea air
and the sound of waves crashing onto sand.
I have been across an ocean
to the land of the Long White Cloud.
Where rain is ample and creeks,
too numerous to name, flow all year round.

How varied is this world of ours.
Then why try and be the same
conform to one notion of right and proper?

Tell me instead
of the place that tugs at your heartstrings
its beauty, its challenges
and all that makes you love it.
And let us rest awhile in the appreciation of
the many ways
our Earth is home
to you, to I, to us-all.

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