Covid-19 Times

How time expands and skews perception
for those used to thinking lineally –
A day becomes a week
A week a year.
Lifetimes lived in this breakdown made apparent.

An intense focus on human worth
draws me away from the world itself.
A haze of fear obscures
the grounding beneath my feet
and tree breath in my lungs…

A Southern Grass-dart returning repeatedly
to sun itself on one particular Calendula flower.

The flower a blazing glow of yellow against
patchy lawn that survived the Summer’s heat.

The sliver of a new moon against the dusky sky
Glowing ever brighter as direct sunlight fades.

The narrow band of a watercolour sunset sky
of luminescent rockmelon and violet colours.

Beneath grey clouds whispering thoughts
of  eagerly anticipated Autumn rains.

Stories of the living earth that knows
no social distancing or isolation.

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