On saving the world

Western civilisation has too long glorified the rational and
reduced the world to the metaphor of an inert machine.
We are losing the wonder of a life fully lived.
Spending the majority of our life shut up in boxes
devoid of chances to feel
the warmth of the sun’s rays,
the pull and tug of the mischievous wind
and the awe of the cosmos on display in the starry night sky
We have become divorced from the Earth
and deaf to its cries of pain and
shrieks of anger at our wanton destruction.

We have placed humans on a pedestal above the rest of creation
and forgotten the fundamental truth of our interwoven world.
Yet science itself tells us that we are more that strictly ‘human’.
Our bodies only function thanks to
 a peculiar mix of
human and microbial cells.
There is more water in us than anything else.
The same water that flows in the rivers, fill oceans and
leaps up to the sky, only to to fall back down again as life giving rain.
We carry elements of the soil
and memories of past stars in our flesh and bones.
And to the soil we return to when our life is done.

Now some of us are awakening to the damage we cause
Seeing how it spreads out from our settlements
like ripples on a pond, disrupting the delicate webs of life as it spreads.
Until global systems themselves begin to unravel.

If we want to Save the World
we need to return to living in this world.
So step into it and take a deep breath
Noticing your breathing, heart beating and senses filing
with the more than human life around.

Take for a moment the view of an astronaut
Look down on our blue-green planet.
From here our countries, so bitterly fought over,
are but land masses floating midst vast oceans of water,
cloaked in vegetation that feeds us, and is in turn fed by the sun.

Come back down to Earth and consider a world rife
with the chatter and mattering of life in action
from the joyous musical offerings of a small songbird,
to the underwater songs of the world’s largest mammals, Whales.
The earth itself is filled with floral talk
with fungal-plant networks woven through the soil
and invisible chemical messages carried on the wind.

We must take the time to immerse ourselves in the world
Relearn its immense wonder and complexity.
Begin to heal the tears we have made in the fabric of life
and heal the trauma that allowed us to inflict
those wounds in the first place.
And so in this venture to Save the World
We might just save our humanity.

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