Today I Loved the Earth

If they ask ‘What good did you do today?’
This then is my accounting for my day’s good deeds.

I climbed a steep hill through grass hesitantly
assuming it mantle of autumnal green,
past gnarly trees centuries old,
to a summit where lichen covered rocks
had been thrust up eons past in the semblance of
a protruding spine of a slumbering dragon.

With the warm sun shining down on me
I lay down on a flat rock and felt
how it still held the night’s chill.
Looking upwards I watched as
the blustery wind shattered fluffy clouds
into rippling patterns of white and blue.

And I was joyous.

2 thoughts on “Today I Loved the Earth

  1. Beautiful. Where were you? I want to visit those gnarly old trees and those lichen covered rocks though I limping hills is a bit of a problem. I love that air up there too.

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