The War you say
Which one is that?
The one which ripped apart my homeland
and scattered my family across the globe?
30 long years of strife, almost my whole life.
Just the final brutal months alone,
tens of thousands slaughtered
while the rest of the world turned a blind eye.

No you don’t even know that war?
Perhaps then you mean the American War
being waged across the middle east.
More senseless deaths and traumatised soldiers.

Or perhaps the wars of survival fought in this wide land
Kaurna, Dharug, Nuunga and many more
Fighting for their home
Conveniently censured and disregarded
Their spirits surely linger, waiting for recompense.

So many wars
If only there had been just one war
The war that taught us
the futility of armed conflict.

Alas mothers continue to be faced with burying their children
So no not just The War
Shift your perspective and see
the trail of violence littered around the world
Collateral damage of the Empire building ventures of man.

For all the people who have died in Australia’s offshore prison camps and those who remain imprisoned indefinitely, and everyone living through the wars of today.

2 thoughts on “Perception

  1. Wow Dinali That is fantastically beautiful and powerful. Thank you for writing you add to the beauty and power for good in this world. I want everyone to read this little piece. We are taught so heavily to be Eurocentric. I’m continuing to read Shankari Chandran’s The Barrier which shows up the global lines to clearly. It’ll be good to read her earlier novel about the war in Sri Lanka.

    Happy travels Monica

    • Thanks Monica. In such a globalised world, it’s so important that we all make the effort, like you do, to decenter ourself every so often: to try see what it might be like for the “other”.

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