A new year

As arbitrary as the new year is, it is a useful maker to allow us to pause and reflect on what we truly want, not only for ourselves and our loved ones, but also the rest of this planet.

If we truly had a blank slate to start over with how would you live your life? What would you conjure into being if you had the power to design your own society? If your wishes had the power to be enacted what would you gift your fellow beings? The ability to imagine a different world is the first step to bringing it into to being. Of course it is not possible to simply erase what we have and create a better world. What we can do is to shape our life to better reflect the way we would like our life and our society to be.  So here are my wishes for the year ahead.

This new year…

I wish for us all a life fully lived,
an abundance of life’s gifts – love, laughter and friendship,
the support of a strong community when times get tough,
the security of knowing our place within this bounteous earth,
the healing from reveling in wild places far from the roar of engines,
the ability to see beauty in the mundane,
and a deep awareness that I exist because of you.
Realise that what we do to others, we do also to ourselves –
We are truly all in this together.

May we be valued for what we give to the world,
instead of what we possess.
Let there be a space for all beings to co-exist.
Love for all.
Peace in ourselves,
peace in the world.

I will leave you with what I find to be a particularly stirring vision for the future from Charles Eisenstein
“ I disagree with those environmentalists who say we are going to have to make do with less. In fact we are going to have to make do with more: more beauty, more community, more fulfilment, more art, more music, and material objects that are fewer in number but superior in utility and aesthetics. The cheap stuff that fills our lives today, however great its quantity can only cheapen life”

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