Some spend their lives searching.
Seeking here, there and everywhere
for the one Truth that will
give meaning and structure
to the complex chaos that is life.

Others early on imbibe a belief
that to them is the One Right Way
To this they adhere with rigid faith.
Finding strength and peace
in how it makes sense of the world.

As the fabric of our society falls
to fervent globalised individualism
people cling even more strongly
to these mythologies constructed
from the world as we experience it.

When your belief differs from another belief
in zealous blindness you fight and kill
Tear our world apart even more
in vain attempt to retain some control
in this vast and indifferent hierarchy.

In this madness you never stop to ask
What meaning is there
in becoming a killer,
in ending life to prove a point.
When your faiths hold sacrosanct life itself.

Battles rage over whose divinity
is the one true God, Allah, Yahweh.
Squabbles over names and rituals.
While the fundamental teaching of
universal love is ignored.

So many artificial divisions.
So much senseless death and destruction.
Why not celebrate the commonalities.
The need for clean air, water and soil.
The ingenuity and creativity of humanity.

If we put aside our warring
and work towards ways of being
that preserves the essentials of life
and celebrates its wondrous diversity,
what beautiful worlds we could create.

Photo credit: Ashley Rose (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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