A life’s worth

Written for all those people around the world who give so much to protect their lands and waters from the greedy reach of the multinational companies and for all those people who have been forced to flee their homelands as a result of the senseless warmongering of the powers that be.

arbitrary lines
drawn by human hands.
A human imagining
existing solely in our minds.

In their name
so much blood is shed,
and so much hatred inflamed.
All for an idea.

our home
does not recognise
our ever shifting lines
of possession and  division.

A cyclone, tsunami or earthquake
strikes down friends and foe alike.
While trees do not reserve oxygen
for the chosen people.

Nature’s cycles,
that ebb and flow
are the things
that truly deserve
attention and respect.

Better to die protecting
a grove of ancient trees.
Than fighting for the groundless
notion of patriotism.

Oh for the wisdom of mountains
who have observed
the rise and fall
of our nations
many times over.


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