Flights of Fancy

A solid indoctrination in academic writing makes it difficult for me to write creatively. A voice that still persists urges rational, reasoned arguments over emotive flights of fancy. Nevertheless since starting a writing course this year I find myself increasingly drawn to experimenting with  using “fiction” writing as a means to explore and respond to life. Here is the first of my questing forays off the beaten path.

Slowly, Slowly

Slowly, slowly
Softly, softly

There is no rush.
The changes that will come are not a finish line
that can be raced towards.
They are a part of the long, unfolding of the universe.

To see the possibilities offered outside this tired, rutted road
we need to stop.
Breathe and notice what is out there –
And in here.

The knowledge and promise of more beautiful worlds are in us,
as much as they are evident in
the sun’s slow arc across our sky each day.

First though, we must know how to hear and see
What is possible.

Slowly, slowly
Softly, softly

Then only will we hear and see.
Then only can we find another way.

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