Imagine if we just stopped doing all the the things that we normally do, even for just one day? A day to be free of appointments and schedules and the relentless pressure of the ticking clock.  For that one day just open yourself up and let your instincts guide your actions. Be it to sit and chat to a friend, go for a walk, watch the waves roll in on the beach or stay in bed all day.  Forgetting any societal expectations for you to be productive or useful.

There are a number of reasons why I feel that the act of just being present is a radical but necessary step. We spend so much of our time lost in the past or the future that we fail to be fully in the now, which after all is all there really is.

A number of religions historically had a day of rest as part of their practice. In the modern 24/7 world of non-stop activities we have lost this space for rest, rejuvenation and contemplation.  We are so busy doing things we feel we should be doing. Is it really what we want to be doing or more importantly what we need to be doing? When we act from a place that is aligned with our true self it gives our actions real meaning and will feed our ongoing work instead of depleting it. The clues to recognising this place or this feeling lie in quietening the clutter enough so that we can hear our true voice.  To do this we need to step out of our daily routines and give ourselves space and time .

It is no easy task to be able to cast off a lifetime of conditioning. It will not be done by attending one talk or even a weekend conference. It takes time – lots of time. What we need to do is to stop being so busy and to start just being: being present, aware and fully connected.

Where or who are you with when you feel the most alive and at peace?

How often do you go to this place or spend time with this person? If not often, why not?

What can you change to enable you to spend more time being where you are most at peace?

Once you have found a way to connect with your inner voice the next challenge is to listen to  what it is telling you and be guided by this in your daily life.  When you connect all of these things you might find new meaning and direction.

So my challenge to you is to give yourself a day away and see what emerges from it. I can assure you that your world will not fall apart and it might just start to change for the better.



  1. Dinali, I’m finding your writing a gentle, coaxing reminder to draw back from daily imperatives and remember to think about the things that matter most to me. Thank you.

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